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Project Summary

The project aims to supply energy to the National Electricity Market by generating electricity through the use of Solar PV panels.

Here are some key features of the project:

  • Current total solar capacity up to 100MW AC* (equivalent to 120MW DC)
  • Photovoltaic (PV) modules, mounted on a single-axis tracking system which will follow the sun from east to west each day
  • Access tracks to and around the site to facilitate maintenance
  • A small operations and maintenance building
  • Overhead and underground electrical cabling
  • Stock proof fencing with high voltage equipment enclosed by a security fence

*  “AC” is the exported generation that goes into the grid. 

The design has been informed by several detailed technical engineering and environmental studies, which include:

  • Heritage
  • Noise
  • Visual impact
  • Transport route assessment
  • Traffic impact assessment
  • Ecology
  • Stormwater management plan
  • Bushfire assessment
  • Land contamination assessment
  • Soil assessment
  • Glint and glare